Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy details what information SPE gathers about you and how we use it. The terms of our Privacy Policy apply to SPE members and customers, and whether SPE collects the information in electronic form through our website, our online services, or other internet processes or by paper.

Types of information we may gather

SPE collects information such as your address, telephone number(s), and other contact, demographic, and billing information only by voluntary disclosure directly from you. The SPE database contains information on members and nonmembers, including authors, exhibitors, advertisers, service providers, for the purpose of conducting official SPE business.

Examples of ways we collect your information

Information can be collected on an order form, an event registration form, or in another manner when information is requested or products and services purchased from SPE. SPE collects contact information (address, phone number, etc.), payment information (an account or credit card number) and other information. This information is used to fulfill orders and to contact the customer as necessary. automatically records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer accessing the site as well as the time and date of access. This information does not identify you personally, nor does it contain your name or email address. SPE uses this information solely for the purpose of diagnosing problems with the SPE server and to administer the website, or for some corporate subscribers, to determine access rights.

SPE uses internet cookies to deliver content that is specific to your interests and to keep track of your preferences. When your browser accesses the site, SPE's server checks your browser settings to see if it is permissible to store this identification information on your computer. The cookies set by SPE do not personally identify you; they simply permit SPE's web site to know what your preferences are. Cookies are also used to help determine how many unique users access pages on the web site and may direct specific advertising content to you on selected pages.

How we use your information

The information SPE collects is intended to allow SPE to communicate with you, process your transaction effectively and efficiently and plan future programs and services to better serve you. SPE collects electronic information solely for the purpose of diagnosing problems with the SPE server and to administer the website, or for some corporate subscribers, to determine access rights.

Members and customers may elect to have SPE not use their email address for SPE communications; however, an email address is required for the completion of certain transactions. Even when SPE members request that SPE restrict use of their personal information, SPE may still use this information to contact you in connection with SPE official business.

If you choose to restrict use of your information, you may not receive certain communications from SPE that may be of interest to you. Because of the nature of computer data storage, any information that you restrict will remain stored but will not be accessed in the normal course of business. SPE will comply with any court orders that may be received requiring us to disclose information from our database, regardless of whether you have requested that the information be restricted.

How we disclose your information

SPE allows certain non-staff individuals access to this information in support of SPE business. For example, SPE may provide access to data to an SPE committee, SPE ConnectSM (online communities), or section officers and others for the purpose of conducting SPE business.

SPE operates email list servers and Online Communities to facilitate communication among groups conducting SPE business. These tools are useful in communicating technical and non-technical information. Information in discussion forums or online communities is available to anyone with access to this area. SPE cannot control what others may do with information that you disclose using these tools. does not make available the email addresses of SPE members or customers for non-SPE business.

Secure Transactions

SPE uses industry-standard measures to protect your submission of credit card information to SPE. SPE uses a secure server and encrypted data transmission using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology. SSL Technology encrypts the transmitted information to make it very difficult for anyone other than SPE to decode the information. SPE's implementation of SSL is authenticated by VeriSign.

You can verify that you are in a secure-transmission portion of SPE's website in one of two ways:

  • Look for an unbroken key symbol or lock symbol at the bottom status bar of your browser. This shows that you are in a secured mode.
  • Look at the URL address in your browser window. When in secured mode, the address changes from http to "https."