Meetings 2014/2015

September 2014 Meeting

Richard Spears

Spears & Associates, Inc.

Topic: The Coming Decline of Oil and the Rise of Gas

Richard Spears' SPE Presentation 2014

November 2014 Meeting

Alfred R. Jennings, Jr., PE

Enhanced Well Stimulation, Inc

Topic: Opportunities for Re-Fracturing

Alfred R. Jennings, Jr., PE' SPE Presentation 2014

December 2014 Meeting

Fred Dupriest

Texas A&M University

Topic: The Real Causes of Borehole Misbehavior and Operational Practices to Eliminate Them

Fred Dupriest's SPE Presentation 2014

January 2015 Meeting

Brandon Brame

K & M Technology Group

Topic: Extended Reach Drilling

Brandon Brame's SPE Presentation 2015

February 2015 Meeting

John Morgan

John M. Campbell/Petroskills

Topic: LNG - Changing Quickly

John Morgan's SPE Presentation 2015

March 2015 Meeting

Ken Kirby

XTO Energy, Inc.

Topic: Challenges and Opportunities in the Current Business Climate

Ken Kirby's SPE Presentation 2015