2014 Events and Meetings

September 2013 Meeting

Richard Spears

Spears & Associates, Inc.

Topic: US Oilfield Markets: How Pad Drilling is Driving Drilling Efficiency Up and Demand for Oilfield Services Down!

October 2013 Meeting

Alfred R. Jennings, Jr., PE

Enhanced Well Stimulation, Inc.

Topic: The Strengths and Limitations of Shale Fracturing – A Contemporary View

Alfred Jennings' SPE Presentation 2013

November 2013 Meeting

Neil Modeland


Topic: Applying Petrophysics and Systematic Completion Science to Increase Potential

Neil Modeland's SPE Presentation 2013

January 2014 Meeting

Brad Berg

Anadarko Petroleum Company

Topic: Characterizing Shale Plays - The Importance of Recognizing What You Don't Know.

Brad Berg's SPE Presentation 2014

March 2014 Meeting

Mohan Kelkar, Phd.

University of Tulsa

Topic: Interference Study in the Shale Plays

Mohan Kelkar's SPE Presentation 2014

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