2011 Events and Meetings


September 2010 Meeting

Richard Spears

Spears & Associates, Inc.

Topic: Industry Outlook 2011

Richard Spears 2010 Presentation



October 2010 Meeting

Audis Byrd - Executive VP & COO

GasFrac, Inc.

Topic: Waterless Fracturing: A New Stimulation Technology

Audis Byrd's Presentation



November 2010 Meeting

Chuck Matula - Sr. VP of Marketing

ThruBit, LLC

Topic: Through the Bit Logging

Chuck Matula's Presentation



December 2010 Meeting

Terry Palisch - Sr. Staff Engineer

Carbo Ceramics

Topic: Improving Haynesville Stimulation

Terry Palisch's Presentation



January 2011 Meeting

Randy C. Tolman - ExxonMobil

SPE - Distinguished Lecturer

Topic: Simultaneous Stimulation of Multi-Well Pads

Randy C. Tolman's Presentation



February 2011 Meeting

Harold D. Brannon - BJ Services, Co.

SPE - Distinguished Lecturer

Topic: Hydraulic Fracturing Material Selection

Harold D. Brannon's Presentation



March 2011 Meeting

James E. Myers - Chevron

SPE - Distinguished Lecturer

Topic: Water Reuse

James E. Myer's Presentation



Haynesville Shale Conference

March 24, 2011

Six Speakers

Topic: Haynesville Shale

Pictures and Presentations



April 2011 Meeting

John Terracina - Momentive

Topic: Proppant Selection and Its Effect on the Results of Fracturing Treatments Performed in Shale Formations

John Terracina's Presentation


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