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January 8, 2019 Meeting

Tyler James

Subject Matter Expert
CSI Technologies, a subsidiary
of Wild Well Control
Cementing Best Practices and Recommendation for the Haynesville Shale and Surrounding Regions 


Tyler James is a cement subject matter expert with expertise in Deepwater and unconventional operations. After receiving a degree in mechanical engineering, James spent several years learning all aspects of cementing including slurry design, lab testing, casing hardware, and software simulations. His experience has ranged from plug and abandonment operations to exploration drilling in 10,000 ft of water.
Having designed and executed hundreds of cement jobs, James now works as a subject matter expert and provides engineering oversight and quality assurance to operators. As a subject matter expert, he has been able to use his technical understanding and wide range of experiences to consistently improve the cement job quality while reducing the overall cost per well.
Along with involvement in operations, James also actively participates in industry research through CSI Technologies, a subsidiary of Wild Well Control. CSI Technologies continuously performs industry research and testing on cement slurries with collaboration from both regulators and operators. They have published over 100 technical papers each, helping operators improve their cement operations.

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