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December 12, 2017 Meeting

Dr. Paul M. Bommer
Distinguished Senior Lecturer
Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Paul M. Bommer

Paul M. Bommer is a Distinguished Senior Lecturer and holder of the Chevron Lectureship in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He was awarded the University of Texas Regents Outstanding Teaching Award in 2014. He received his Bachelor’s (1976), Master’s (1977), and Doctoral (1979) degrees in Petroleum Engineering, all from the University of Texas at Austin.
He served on a NOAA committee tasked with estimating the flow rate from the Macondo well and on the NAE and NTSB committee that investigated the cause of the blow out and made recommendations about steps to prevent future disasters.

He is the author of several technical papers and one text book and the holder of one patent. His current research interests are in artificial lift and well bore sealants.  

He spent over twenty-five years in industry as an oil and gas operator and consultant in Texas and other parts of the United States. He and his brother Peter (University of Texas, BS-PGE, 1978) are co-owners of Bommer Engineering Company.
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